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Cosmosis High Tech Farming Solution Co., Ltd was originally a technical research and developing centre from Agromatic Corporation in Melbourne, Australia. It is now the latest generation of Autopot Systems’ local service and supporting foundation in Asia.

The Autopot Systems serial production was launched in 1986, and has since been successfully publicised around the world. Being the Royal Agriculture Gold Medallist in Australia in 1988 and 1992, it also holds many other honours from various countries, and owns multiple patents in Australia, North America, the European Union, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China, as well as the Middle East and Africa. Autopot Systems is the renowned pioneer of technology in hydroponics, and has already achieved large-scale farming results around the world.

Taiwan’s Cosmosis High Tech Farming Solution Co., Ltd was founded based on Mr. Jim Fah’s innovation and Mr. Jeffrey Tsai’s professional and technical support. New products are continually being released, backed up by an independent R&D department. The team’s ideology is based on remarkable agricultural techniques and environmentally friendly practices. Not only is it the most experienced, but it is also the most efficient.

At present, there are six main directions of expansion: closed vertical farms, naturally lit horticulture, ecological aquaponics, organic hydroponics, green landscape gardening, and recreation. In addition to agriculture, it also combines electronics industry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, landscape construction, seed industries, and regional Agriculture-related projects to create more rational, advanced, stable, and high-quality farming solutions.